2009 Updated Academic Vocabulary is an initiative of Tennessee's Department of Education.  The goal of this project is to provide teachers a list of common terms or phrases aimed at improving vocabulary development of students in Tennessee.  Although there is no single best way to teach terms and phrases, Dr. Marzano's research and theory on vocabulary development does point to a few generalizations that provide strong guidance.  This site is dedicated to the sixth step in that process by providing a collection of games and activities designed to review and strengthen vocabulary development.  Complete 2009 Document

Vocabulary Lists:


Language Arts  /   Math  /     Science  /  Social Studies

First Grade

Language Arts  /   Math  /    Science  /   Social Studies


Second Grade

Language Arts   /   Math   /   Science  /  Social Studies


Third Grade

Language Arts  /   Math  /  Science  /  Social Studies


Fourth Grade

Language Arts  /  Math  /  Science  /  Social Studies


Fifth Grade

Language Arts  /  Math  /   Science  /  Social Studies


Sixth Grade

Language Arts  /  Math  /   Science  /  Social Studies


Seventh Grade

Language Arts  /  Math  /   Science  /  Social Studies


Eighth Grade

Language Arts  /  Math  /   Science  /  Social Studies


*Technology List Cards

*The technology list was created by Jefferson County and is not part of the TN Academic Vocabulary initiative.

Secondary Vocabulary:

Content Area Course Title
English English 9   Cards      List

English 10 Cards     List

Literary Terms Jeopardy

Math Math Foundations I Cards    List

Math Foundations II Cards  List

Algebra I / Technical Algebra
    Cards      List

Algebra I Curriculum Vocabulary

Algebra II  Cards      List

Algebra II Curriculum Vocabulary

Geometry / Technical Geometry
    Cards      List

Geometry Curriculum Vocabulary

Integrated Mathematics I
Cards      List

Integrated Mathematics II
  Cards      List

Science Biology  Cards      List

Earth Science   Cards     List

Physical Science  Cards     List

Social Studies Geography  Cards      List

U.S. History  Cards      List

World History  Cards      List

Economics  Cards      List

Government  Cards      List

Personal Finance Cards List