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Bloom's Taxonomy

Standards may use the following abbreviations for Latin terms:

e.g. e.g. means for example, possibly those listed may be included on assessment
i.e. i.e. means specifically and ONLY those listed will be assessed


How to read the GLE/CLE number system:


GLE = Grade Level Expectations (Grades K-8)


01. = Language Arts

06. = Math

05. = Science

Standards Language Arts 01.

.1 = Language

.2 = Communication

.3 = Writing

.4 = Research

.5 = Logic

.6 = Informational Text

.7 = Media

.8 = Literature

Standards Math 06.

.1 = Mathematical Processes

.2 = Number and Operations

.3 = Algebra

.4 = Geometry and Measurement

.5 = Data, Probability and Statistics

Standards Science 05.

.1 = Inquiry

.2 = Interdependence

.3 = Flow of Matter and Energy

.4 = Heredity

.5 = Biodiversity and Change

.6 = The Universe

.7 = The Earth

.8 = The Atmosphere

.9 = Matter

.10= Energy

.11= Motion

.12= Forces in Nature


CLE = Course Level Expectation (Grades 9-12)

  Checks for Understanding are resources to help the teacher determine if students are mastering what they are expected to learn.

State Performance Indicators are assessed on state achievement test.

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