Students who took the ACT (standard time or with ACT-approved accommodations) through the Tennessee statewide administration this spring will have the option to view their scores from State Testing online through their ACT student Web account.

By taking advantage of this option, it will make it easier to order Additional Score Reports (ASRs) and to register to test again on a future national test date. The responses provided on the non-test items as part of the State Testing will become part of each student's  account so there is no need to complete that process again for a national test date.  

State Testing ACT scores will normally be available online about a week AFTER the paper ACT paper score report has been received. (Please note that this applies only to students who receive college reportable scores—students who tested with standard time or with ACT-approved accommodations.)  

Students who have not previously created an ACT student Web account should wait about a week AFTER they receive their paper ACT score report to create one.  To be sure their Web account “connects to” their State Testing ACT scores, they must enter either the Social Security number or the ACT ID that appears on their State Testing ACT score report when that is requested as part of creating the Web account.

Students who have previously created an ACT student Web account (e.g., to register for a national test date) can log in to that account to see if their State Testing ACT scores have been added. Typically, that will occur about a week AFTER they have receiving the paper ACT score report in the mail.

If students want to learn more about the features of an ACT student Web account, please instruct go to